Shophouse experiences

Ask us for specific dates as most of these experiences can be tailored to your needs.

spring/summer/fall Ongoing

Chillax Weddings / vow renewal

They did’t get married because of the pressure and the cost?

Now, they are looking for something memorable and unique, like sleep in the basement, take pictures in our lawn with our neighbouring church as a backdrop and then hop on a camping honeymoon experience on an island in the rain… How romantic!

Enter promo code: FALL21 at check-out.

*Check-in any day, Sunday-Friday. Not valid for Saturday arrivals or departures. 

spring / Summer /fall ongoing

Nicotine Cessation

  Our unique offering is the smoking cessation method called “The Palingenesis method”. A 4 to 6-day camping quit-smoking workshop with a unique program that rewires the brain to accept the reality of a nicotine-free life. Instead, we will plug in creativity and physical improvements. With therapists, adventure, camp life, speakers, and easy-going time in the outdoors, we will dive directly into the best way to quit smoking: “The Palingenesis method”.

Spring /summer/fall ongoing

Canoe trip on Powell Lake

Half-day canoe rental and drop-off/pick-up.

Tony’s Point or Haywire bay are a short paddle away from the launching on Powell Lake. They are also swimming destinations wether you prefer diving in or wadding in at the beach.

Also available is a canoe overnight rental for camping up Powell Lake or going on the Powell River Canoe route that spans several lakes.

Please note that the padding trip is weather dependant and unless conditions are perfect, canoes are not the most sea worthy. Powell Lake can also get pretty wavy.


spring/summer/fall ongoing

Pottery workshop

Handbuilding pottery workshop with ceramic artist Solene Chatain.

instagram @solenestudio

Learn how to make a fold bowl or a box made out of clay slabs. Experiment with surface decoration options with textures, sgraffito, etc.

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