women in desolation sound swimming stopping smoking
healing waters of the Salish sea.


The « Funk It Method » (FIM) was developed following my own quitting smoking experience.
Our 3 day program is designed for the open-minded yet ruggedly adventurous soul. Any age and
physical condition, any creativeness level or outdoor suaveness can be accomodated. Our take
on tobacco cessation and how to move forward is a stripped down camping experience in a
group setting in one of the most spectacular marine parks : Desolation Sound, BC.

The FIM is based on the idea that the best way to total freedom from nicotine is not to smoke
again and completely tear it out of your life. It is based on the scientific fact that the first
cigarette you skip is the hardest and it tapers away until day 3 where you body no longer
expects tobacco.
We guarantee we’ll bring you there, 3 day smoke -free, if you come on our tour (and don’t
cheat) as we’ll go somewhere where there is not any.
It’s called the « Funk it method » as a young doctor told me that’s how she quit. One day, she
just said « F$@% it. » and assured me that’s the only way to quit.

group around fire as they support each other to quit smoking
healing group

How hard is it to quit smoking?

I was always told how hard it would be to quit smoking, how much help I would need, that I
would need smoking aids. That I would be very irritable.
My experience was that you have to say you do not smoke anymore and stay busy for the first
hours, the first day and the first three days. I did not experience withdrawal, I experienced
euphoria in nature , hiking. I pictures the fresh air clearing out my lungs, filling me with oxygen
instead of smoke and expelling toxins. That feeling of clean air and lack of smoking became like
a habit. Each cigarette I missed seemed likeI consumed something else, some invisible nature
smoke, another minute of my life, another decade without an oxygen tank.
This visualization process led me to believe that smoking is absolutely easy to quit and that the
hard part would be trying to use something to replace it , an aid, presssure from others. In the
end, you just have to not smoke, that is quite easy compared to jumping through endless
Pre-vape and pre-patch, there was no substitute for nicotine. 100% of quitters just quit. We
think that if we have smoking substitutes , we’ll have to quit that also and that’s why we prefer
to not use substitutes but instead rip it like a bandaid and say « funk it »
If you are quitting heroin, there is going to be a lot of side effects and it makes sense to
substitute it with methadone. Quitting tobacco is nothing like quitting heroin, it’s so fucking
easy. The physical side effects of withdrawal might be a bit of headaches, the harder might be
the psychological cravings and our method will thoroughly take care of these.

Why do they lie to you « it’s so hard to quit tobacco »?
It’s because it’s an industry and they sell their gimmicks , it’s also because it’s not perfectly easy
of course and they want to show empathy / support.

ex-smoker breathing healthy air
replacing cravings for nicotine with cravings for clean air and creativity.

What is the difference between « The Funk it Method » and the will power method?

The will power method assumes you are strong , you are almost a super-human and that can be
intimidating and discouraging.
« The funk it method » admits how weak we are. It uses psychology to brain wash ourselves.It
uses avoidance (going where you cannot get any cigarettes). It immerses us in nature and
creativity to distract us. The FIM admit we are not strong enough for the long road that would
be using nicotine substitutes that we would need to quit afterwards.
There are some similarities of both methods though. After we have quit, we will have to use a
bit of will power to never pick one cigarette up again. We don’t nibble turkey every 10 minutes
but instead , instead, we’ll repeat that mantra : « funk it » and do some things that inspire us
wether that is paddling , boating, art or music.

After the first day , we’ll try not to think of cigarettes or to mention them. When you think of it ,
just say « funk it! » and follow one of the craving-reliever activity options that we will explore on
the first day.

 swim in the water
 go to your sentences you crafted on the first day, ie : « I don’t want my kids to watch
me die »
 Meditation
 Listen to the music of the people who died smoking.
 Etc…

What will we do for 3 days then?

This tour is not for those seeking constant comfort or pampering. It is decidingly a rather relaxed
and DIY camping experience even if we supply a limited number of comforts, snacks , gear and
support to make this happen. We will not be offering a blow your mind experience, adrenaline-
filled activities, decadent foods served on a platter. On the contrary, we like to stay busy in our
humble camp and open new parts of our brain. We will be spending our time swimming in cold
waters, preparing plain and healthy food to sustain us, do some group counseling, keep our
hands and minds busy with your choice of distractions. Whether you are crafty or not, you
could try your hand at making things out of clay, painting, playing music or even dancing if you
are so inclined. Again, all we are guarantying is a half attempt at a jam or a crooked piece of
pottery. We will follow guided meditations and learn from some ex-smoker guest speakers who
said « funk it » and possibly some that still smoke.
We will offer a mundane experience so we can focus on melting this habit away.

When you have to go to through a place where you cannot smoke, an airplane ride for instance,
most smokers report that it was not that hard not to smoke there. You are outside of your
comfort zone and you try to distract yourself with a movie , a magazine and a tiny snack and
beverage. This is kind of what we try to do for 3 days, distract ourselves to pass the time of
these crucial first 3 days without a cigarette.
We have plenty of tricks and tips to curb your cravings but we don’t personally believe in using
gum, patches and other vaping devices to quit.

We like to look at medical data, pictures of lungs and studies. We like to blow on a device and
measure our breathing capacity. Also, we like to visualize our lungs already getter healthier in
the 3 days we are spending together, not smoking.

The Guru or how you’ll have to surrender to the F.I.M.

There is nothing better to help you quit that putting your focus in listening to an art master
bossing you around all day while you live in slight discomfort doing chores around the campsite
and participating in the activities offered.

Give us a chance, come here and open your mind, we‘ll try to have a little fun, we’ll do creative
stuff even if you feel you have low abilities, we’ll bob around in little boats or roam around the
trails in the winter time.
While you are following the FIM, you have to forget that you are an advance snowboarder or a
master guitar teacher yourself and follow our 3-chord method for guitar or become a
snowshoer for the week. We’ll ask you to be a child-like novice and at the same time , we might
all benefit from your areas of expertise when the time comes also.

The guru might be raised out of poverty and is a master in his field or an old hippie dusty foot
philosopher. There is going to be no questioning him or arguing with him. We enjoy the
guru/student dynamic. We’ll let him shape us like clay all week. Also, we’ll have other guest
coming to the camp , a counselor and some guest speakers.
We will accept all age group, all abilities, we want to be radically open-minded.
The summer might be the prime season for these tours but we don’t mind doing it in the winter
because we don’t mind roughing it and adpating our activities. If we can’t be as active in the
sports department or boating in the winter , we might have more creative options.

The FIM requires a certain amount of foolishness, of naivety or gullibility to be truly successful
because we have to convince our minds to say « funk it ! » So think of it as if you became an
Osho follower for the week, a Jesus’s disciple or an army cadet, lol, however you want to look at
it. You’ll have to come up here and take this ridiculous sounding tour where we’ll be in a little
band together like the Fraggle rock and stave off the threatening invaders with a cigarette in
their hands.

A mantra to freedom.

If you use my method , I can guarantee you’ll quit smoking.
It’s so much easier that you thought.
It’s so good to quit smoking. You’ll release all this guilt.
There is a new life awaiting for you, a new you.
One day , I’d always tell myself , I want to open a tour company, get away from the wheeling
and dealing. I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t first take the step to quit smoking. A lot of things
seemingly impossible will become possibilities after you quit.