We aim to provide a small amount of rentals to our guests and attendees to make their trip more enjoyable. Although a full rental service with new items is beyond the scope of our means and desires, some of our users may appreciate the affordable, quirky, vintage gear. We aren’t sure how Kayne West would feel about all of this stuff, but we have a feeling Kurt Kobain would have enjoyed this judging by his quotes about second-hand store appreciation.

Canoe for exploring Powell Lake is available. Great for short trips to Tony’s Point, Haywire bay. Also available overnight for camping up Powell Lake or the Powell River Canoe route that spans several lakes. Please note that unless conditions are perfect on the ocean, Canoes are not the most sea worthy. Powell Lake also can also get pretty wavy.

Some vintage beater bikes are sometimes available. We have two very vintage folding bikes that are nice for some easy flat terrain neighbourhood strolls, or nice to bring in certain situations to islands like Savary if landing by smaller craft as being able to fold them saves space(although these aren't as light as some of the newer travel bikes).We also have some beater commuter and vintage mountain bikes in various state of repair available for rent by our guests. Most bikes are $20 a day. 
Small inflatables are fun and surprisingly seaworthy in the right hands. The ride can be wet, not always much room is available in them to move around and extra care has to be taken with sharp objects and beach landings. Overall these are great boats for this area, and they blend in well with sites and locations that are considered by some kayak routes. Our boats are rustic, have patches and repairs and might require some foot putting through the day, but they are fun.
*Note this boat might not win a beauty contest but you won't feel bad when you drop your sandwich. A vintage 15ft gregor is a popular west coast lodge and fishing boat. This welded boat is sleek, tough, and economical running fine with a couple of adults with. smaller 8hp Nissan motor. This boat is available durning fair weather for use on Powell Lake and occasionally for ocean use, weather dependant. Some regulations say Canadian residents must possess a boat license ($10 and about 4 hours online) to operate this craft, a fishing licence for fishing (fishing licence here : https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/sports-culture/recreation/fishing-hunting/fishing/recreational-freshwater-fishing-licence).
International travellers with experience from home are exempt. Please note these boats are not the most sea worthy vessels when bad weather comes, and they are only meant for a smaller amount of people and gear.
We know it is not always possible or practical to travel with outdoor gear. For our guests we have available some economy fair weather camping gear like small tents, a massive 14-person tent, sleeping mats, washable sleeping bags and a few of the harder to travel with items. Just ask us for what you need, we might have it.