Smoking cessation retreats on the Salish sea

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Multi-day adventure workshop near the healing waters of the Salish seas in one of the most majestic parts of the world. The funk it method is a radical method to quit smoking. With counsellors, art and music teachers, we learn to replace smoking cravings with healthy life lengthening devices. Rewiring the brain and heart to accept health and betterment.

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Public workshops and events in Powell River

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Shophouse is committed to bringing high quality arts and self improvement workshops to Powell River (qathet) in our off season. With our experience with show production on our team, we can book you a performance date here, as well as take care of accommodations and make your visit a rewarding one. To keep up to date with upcoming concerts and workshops, contact us or check our social media. explore our site for more

Our Desolation Sound retreat on the Salish Sea neighbourhood.

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Our quaint guesthouse and camping in Desolation Sound on the Salish Sea, near Powell River, is the perfect getaway. The Location is boat only access and assures an off grid feeling and a remoteness that our retreats thrive in. The ocean and mountains are both at our doorstep and intertwined to our method

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News – updated July 26th 2021

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News – July 26th, 2021

Our company’s plans to open this summer  has been severely impacted by restricted tourism and lack of confidence in booking/plans due to the pandemic as many similar operations have been. Our ability to book and welcome guests has been limited but with recent developments we are excited to see what openings will take place soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any question as we keep a close eye on changes to these circumstances. As of now we are just considering dates for the end of this summer and early fall at least for people able to make it.