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We are open year-round but some options are seasonal.

Please just reach out for any questions like these. We don’t always have everything posted on our website but are always happy to assist you. Sending a message at our contact form is the best way to contact us.

Check in 3:00 pm and check out 11:00 am most times.

Depending on you activity, you may want to ask us for a checklist of items that you will need. Every case is different but we should communicate so we can double check that between us we have everything we need. Packing light for guests is usually a must in our circumstances for an enjoyable experience.

We uphold the principle of “leave not trace”. Stay far away from wildlife, treading light on the paths and plant life. Being aware of fire bans, not bothering other campers or park users with loud music. We go over and above as far as being respectful guests to these locations.

It is good to open the communication lines as soon as possible. Some of our experiences take place on a first come, first served basis while other experiences tagged as “ongoing” will happen once we have enough guests signed up. The sooner we know of interest, the sooner we can set dates. Other events like an art workshop might have a posted specific date or you will be notified if you have contacted us with interest.

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