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Summer 2023
The Shophouse.

Available as part of our short term accomidatoin in Powell River BC, it is more than just a single space, it is a state of mind and continued into nature, local venues and in cyberspace.

Why experience with us ?

Shophouse is committed to bringing high quality arts and self-improvement workshops, nature experiences, and unique accommodations for visitors and locals alike to the Powell River area (qathet region). We are trying to provide a new kind of tour company for the people who want to do more than scratch the surface.

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Why Yosemite

“ Shophouse is a window into another dimension. ”

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Mission :

To give you time and space to create, to fill your well, to connect with nature and yourself.

In a world of never-ending options and stimulus, we have unique offerings in a spectacular environment.

From “The Palingenesis method” for smoking cessation to the Chillax wedding for the adventurous elopers, Shophouse can walk you through a special experience or just give you the means for your own adventure in the qathet region by bringing you to a special spot with the gear you need.

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Here are reviews from some of our pilot guests and workers that have helped us build this so far, as well as short-term accommodation guests.

u003cbru003eWe had a nice time, exploring the nice town. The atmosphere was really relaxing and friendly. With their insider tips we could explore the city and the area on a different way. It was a very good experience.
Judith u0026amp; Matthias
They are really easy-going and take care of their guests. We spoke a lot about many things and had a great week there, and weekend on the island, eating what we fished. It was a pleasure to stay and to spend time with them. 
Laskar u0026amp; Bas

Get a glimpse of what you can experience

There’s nothing desolate about Desolation Sound. Such an ironic name as it’s a calm and protected place with the stunning coast mountains for a backdrop, full of islands and inlets that are uninhabited except for an abundance of wildlife. With the right tides on the sandy beaches, the water gets so deliciously warm, you’d feel like you’re in Hawaii!

  • the surrounding unspoiled budding arts community  
  • 32 backcountry lakes and mountain sports
  • beautiful waterfront camping
  • learning opportunities in the wild
  • Access to Powell River guesthouses and cabins

Shocking views

Desolation Sound: world-renowned spectacular Marine park.

Shophouse is new, but our roots are deep

Shophouse is a cumulation of years of experience with several facets. Originally billed as “Seed of sound” in 2010, it morphed into event production and ran its course. After a rekindling of inspiration and as we started hosting international travellers looking for work exchange, it grew into teaching creative skills while enjoying the outdoors. 

This inspiration came not only from BC’s rugged wild and ocean scene, but also from the South East Asian style guesthouses/ tourism operators that help provide not only lodging but experiences and personal connections with  their culture. Staying there and before you know it you are learning something from the host or taking a micro tour with a local or hoping on the owners truck to some special place, or helping them with their family chores resulting in some of the most unique, praised and memorable experiences. Here, we live in a place with a lot more regulations and expectations, better safety standards, but not everybody is looking for a high impact, expensive tour like chasing wildlife while burning hundreds of liters of fuel. There is not much of a middle ground here and there sure are enough 2000 $ a night lodges.

At shophouse, we like a tour with a smaller footprint, a smaller cost, maybe a little more rugged and mellower so we blend in the surroundings and are less disturbing. It keeps us welcome to sensitive ecological places. Shophouse recognize that some people don’t only want to be entertained but also want to give back. Welcome to Shophouse!

Featured  Experiences

Smoking Cessation camps.

Our unique offering is the smoking cessation method called “The Palingenesis method”. A 4 to 6-day camping quit-smoking workshop with a unique program that rewires the brain to accept the reality of a nicotine-free life. Instead, we will plug in creativity and physical improvements. With therapists, adventure, camp life, speakers, and easy-going time in the outdoors, we will dive directly into the best way to quit smoking: “The Palingenesis method”.