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Mindscapes & Journeys: A Grassroots Summit on Psychedelic Therapy

August 23 @ 8:00 am August 25 @ 5:00 pm

Mindscapes & Journeys: An Intimate Summit on Psychedelic Therapy


Embracing the Wilderness of Healing

Join us at the inaugural “Mindscapes & Journeys Summit,” an intimate event set in the tranquil wilderness of qathet, near the city of Powell River, BC. This unique retreat is dedicated to exploring the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics in addressing mental health issues like addiction and PTSD. We are creating an environment where learning, sharing, and connecting flourish, amidst the beauty of nature.

Event Details:

Overnight Immersion: Our workshop extends overnight with optional camping. For those preferring to return in the evening, accommodations are available.

Pricing: $350 covers your journey by boat to the location, provides a dinner, a breakfast, selected refreshments, and all required course materials.

Self-sufficiency in Nature: Prepare for an authentic wilderness experience, complete with local wildlife and limited amenities. Bring your camping gear and embrace the simplicity of nature.

Location: Our serene site is situated along Powell Lake, a mere half-hour journey into its tranquil embrace.

Preparedness: We have contingency plans for unforeseen weather conditions or environmental concerns, ensuring our experience remains uninterrupted.

Enlightened Guidance: Our facilitators are esteemed professionals, engaged in university-level education, prolific authors, and experienced PTSD therapists, ensuring a rich and insightful discourse.

Program Highlights:

Conversational Insights: Swap traditional lectures for dynamic discussions with leading therapists, inspiring survivors, and innovative researchers.

Interactive Community: Engage in meaningful dialogues within our community circles, welcoming a spectrum of participants from experts to novices.

Hands-on Workshops: Dive into the practical aspects of psychedelic therapy, from fundamental principles to creating nurturing spaces for dialogue and recovery.

Narratives of Healing: Our Recovery & Healing Corner offers a platform for profound stories of overcoming challenges through psychedelic interventions.

Artistic Expression: Experience the synergy of art and psychedelics through immersive installations and musical narratives, enhancing our understanding beyond words.

VR Exploration: Venture into virtual realms to gain a palpable sense of psychedelic therapy’s potential, employing the latest in technology for an educational journey.

Evening Reflections: Unwind with our fireside chats, a perfect backdrop for contemplation, camaraderie, and envisioning futures.

Local Culinary Delights: Savor the essence of our locale with snacks and beverages from regional purveyors, celebrating our community’s flavor and entrepreneurial spirit.

Resource Haven: Depart with knowledge and inspiration, courtesy of our extensive collection of literature and materials available for you to explore further.

Invitation to Engage:

We welcome those captivated by the healing promise of psychedelics—therapists, scholars, recovering individuals, or the merely curious. Here, you’re not just attending an event; you’re joining a burgeoning community poised at the frontier of therapeutic innovation.

Prepare to immerse, interact, and inspire at the “Mindscapes & Journeys Summit.” Embrace this chance to partake in a pioneering exploration of healing, set against the backdrop of nature’s unspoiled canvas. Come discover, learn, and grow with us—where every encounter promises new insights and the dawn of shared understandings.