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Brew Your Own Award-Winning Beer at Home!

Location: Commercial Kitchen, Powell River Westview
First Session Duration: Brew Day – 3-4 hours
Follow-up Zoom Meetings: 2 x 15 minutes (Optional)
Bottling Ceremony: 2 hours (Optional)
Cost: $89 for the course. If you wish to brew your own batch we can provide some ingredients at cost.

Join us for an exclusive workshop designed for beer enthusiasts who want to master the art of homebrewing without the complexity. Our Easy Stovetop Homebrewing Beer Workshop offers a simple, yet effective way to brew beer that can stand toe-to-toe with the best in any competition.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Basic Gear & Ingredients: Get acquainted with the essential equipment and ingredients needed for stovetop brewing. Most of the gear you’ll need is probably already in your kitchen!
  • Printed Handout: Receive a comprehensive guide detailing the brewing process, equipment list, and recipes to help you brew with confidence.
  • Brew Your Own Batch: Experience hands-on brewing during the workshop. Choose to brew your own batch on-site with the option to purchase ingredients and gear from us at cost.
  • Liquid Malt Extract Brewing: Discover the convenience of using liquid malt extract combined with select grains in a “big tea bag” method for flavor enhancement.
  • Pellet Hops Utilization: Learn how to use pellet hops for the perfect bitterness, flavor, and aroma in your beer.
  • “Divers Rock” West Coast Recipe: Focus on brewing a mild IPA using our very basic yet delicious “Divers Rock” recipe.
  • Online Batch Check-Ins: Participate in two short Zoom meetings over two months to discuss the progress of your brew and share pictures.
  • Bottling Ceremony: Join us two months after the initial session for a bottling ceremony where you’ll learn the final steps in preparing your beer for enjoyment (optional).

Why Choose This Workshop?

This workshop is designed for beginners who want to simplify the brewing process without sacrificing quality. With our method, you’ll learn to brew a beer that’s not only easy to make but also great condition. Whether you’re a casual brewer or a beer aficionado looking to refine your skills, our workshop offers a comprehensive, hands-on experience that covers everything from basic brewing techniques to advanced flavor profiling.

Take the First Step Towards Brewing Excellence

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the world of homebrewing with expert guidance and a supportive community. Secure your spot in our next session and get ready to brew beer that impresses your friends and rivals professional brews. Register now and embark on your homebrewing journey in Powell River Westview!

Contact us info@shophousebc.com

March 21 @ 12:00 am 5:00 pm