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Summer 2024- Bioluminescence Dinghy Tours on Cortes Island / Lund

July 10 @ 8:00 am August 17 @ 5:00 pm

Welcome to the Bioluminescence Dinghy Tour, a mystical journey of enchantment priced at $89 per person. Witness the surreal spectacle of nature’s light as living organisms create a cosmic mirror, adorning the waters with celestial radiance.

Our dinghies gracefully glide through the ocean, accentuating the dance of light with each stroke. Unlike motorboats, we prioritize the safety of plankton, vital for ocean health. In the night’s silence, we connect intimately with nature’s wonders, soaring through the water like ethereal beings.

This adventure offers both safety and excitement, providing a unique and captivating experience of the ocean’s mysteries. The ocean floor shimmers with bioluminescent beauty, and fish and seals emit an enchanting glow in the darkness. The BC Coast Mountain range stands silhouetted against the setting sun, while bats, herons, and other birds gracefully retire for the night.

Departing from Lund harbor or Masons Landing, we venture into places like behind the Copeland Islands, bidding farewell to the sun over Cortes and the view of Savary Island. Sensory awareness guides our journey, moving as quietly as possible with the engine off or on low, oaring when we can with engine off. Eagles soar overhead, and if fortune smiles upon us, we may witness the majesty of Orca and other marine life. Distant sea lion calls add an enchanting serenade.


$89 includes a dingy ride, snack.

Lund BC